Wimpy coffee vs Steers breakfast buns

I was driving to PE from Cape Town with my dear friend Tom last month for his brother's wedding. We decided that we would leave at the crack of dawn and that I would be in charge of music and padkos

I'm not a morning person, and I'm not much of an evening person either. Besides I would MUCH rather, than labour over boiled egg sandwiches, pull in at one of those glorious one-stops on most of the major routes. And I do mean glorious.  I mean who remembers the Golden Egg years!

Needless to say it is best to decide in advance where you are going to make your stops rather than, in my case this trip, travel a further 100kms to get to a Wimpy coffee because Steers coffee is "not even close to Wimpy's".

Even though in my opinion Steers does the best breakfast bun this side of Manchester. It was not enough to convince Tom to give up his Wimpy coffee.

So please tell us in the comments below, and of course by voting, what are your sacred pit-stops for road-trip fast food?

megala arxithia 2012/12/06 05:56:40 PM
Both sell absolute rubbish food and coffee...only the masses with no taste buds and class eat and drink at fake food places like these chains!
Leslie Timm 2012/12/10 04:42:53 PM
R10 for a breakfast bun... I actually went to look for this and couldn't find it. I feel like I am missing out.....
Lucia Maile 2012/12/18 02:55:34 PM
No offence but wimpy coffee is absolutely to die for,I love wimpy coffee and their breakfast too...