Your 10 most popular recipes from Food24 this week

This week our popular recipes are made up of easy, quick recipes to hack your way through cooking. It starts off with the bacon and egg nests, which simply involves cracking an egg and accompaniments into muffin trays and baking them. This is the simplest breakfast and perfect for when you have to feed a few guests.

The next 2 recipes are also easy and budget friendly. First off the spicy chicken quesadillas from Cupcakes and Couscous are great for picnics or lunchboxes or as snacks for a crowd. Heinstirred's delicious Summery recipe of flatbreads and grilled zucchini also lends itself to hosting friends at home. They can be laid out deconstructed allowing people to get involved with the assembling. The creamy Labneh is a lovely additions to the lemon-drenched zucchini.

Also don't miss our vegetarian halloumi and millet salad (watch the video) as well as the 1 minute Banoffee pies to combat a sweet tooth, and also the microwave carrot cake.

1. Bacon nests with egg spinach and feta

2. Spicy barbecue chicken quesadillas

3. Flatbreads with grilled zucchini

4. Healthy Halloumi and millet salad

5. 1 minute Banoffee pies

6. Microwave carrot cake

7. Healthy low carb rusks

8. Spinach and sweet potato salad

9. Double chocolate peanut butter fridge cake

10. Pea and sundries tomato ravioli