Your 10 most popular recipes from Food24 this week

Our winning recipe this week is a low carb treat, inspired by the South African favourite milk tart, which is totally appropriate as next Monday is National Milk Tart Day! Here are some other delightful milk tart concoctions celebrate this local dessert - they'll certainly inspire some Sunday baking.

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Heinstirred is the shining star blogger this week with 3 recipes featuring in our popular recipes round-up. Do try them! First we have the Polenta Parmesan roasted potatoes ideal with your braai or roast, then there's the lemon pistachio cake which happens to be gluten-free, and lastly the butternut falafel creation.

From Bibby's Kitchen this week we have the scrumptious chicken pesto pasta with pine nuts, perfect for a mid-week dinner.

Also don't miss the malted buttermilk waffles, they are an absolute treat!

1. Low carb milk tart sundaes

2. Chicken pesto pasta

3. Hot wings with blue cheese dip

4. Polenta Parmesan roasted potatoes

5. Lemon pistachio cake

6. Malted buttermilk waffles

7. Spiced fish with butternut and couscous

8. Roasted butternut squash falafel

9. Brown rice salad with baby aubergine ginger and almonds

10. Bacon beer bread