10 Most viewed recipes on Food24 this week

This week features some seriously exciting recipes, dishes many of us might not have ever attempted making before. First off its the jazzy piña colada pineapple rings. These are moreish, crispy and have a subtle kick of rum. They are perfect for a party, the pineapple offering a little fun to your spread.

Heinstirred and Cupcakes and Couscous both offer decadent, delicious chocolatey cakes, Hein's being a Gateaux and the other a gluten-free chocolate mousse tart. Both are beautifully rich, yet delicate in texture, and offer that wow factor for any special occasion or birthday.

There are 3 great week-night meal options on the list as well: at number 3 we have Bibby's Kitchen's Mexican chipotle chicken casserole to heat you up on those freezing nights, at 7 we have healthy and meat-free stuffed and baked sweet potatoes and at 9 we have spicy pork and glass noodles.

1. Pina Colada pineapple rings

2. Chocolate mousse tart

3. Mexican chipotle chicken casserole

4. Gateau Invisible

5. Chicken and spinach lasagna

6. Chicken and sweet potato korma

7. Stuffed baked sweet potatoes

8. Chorizo vine tomato and Brie pasta

9. Spicy pork with glass noodles and mint

10. Caramel malva pudding with Cognac pears