10 Most viewed recipes on Food24 this week

A great variety of recipes makes up the list this week. The Food24 readers clicked on recipes that feature an array of cuisines and dietary trends. To start things off we have the low carb double mushroom cheese burger. If you look carefully at the photo, you'll see the burger is not sandwiched between a bun, but rather two giant brown mushrooms, making this a wheat-free alternative too.

For more comfort food, scoot on over to the last recipe of ostrich nachos as well as the chicken mayo cheese melts at number two.

On the sweet side, we have a how-to feature on making the perfect banana bread, as well as a recipe video on low carb coconut bliss balls, a moreish subtly sweet snack, rich in nut butter.

Not to be missed is Cupcakes and Couscous's Dark chocolate amaretti semifreddo. This is the dinner party dessert that you need handy, especially if you're cooking something Italian. It's surprisingly easy, and makes a lovely change from the malva or Peppermint Crisp tart you were thinking of making.

1. Double mushroom cheese burgers

2. Chicken mayo cheese melts

3. How to make the perfect banana bread

4. Dark chocolate and amaretti semifreddo

5. Low carb coconut bliss balls

6. Cauliflower and chorizo hash

7. Easiest lamb stew

8. Curried spinach fennel and coriander soup with yoghurt

9. Cream cheese pancakes

10. Ostrich topped with nachos