10 Pretty Hawaiian poke bowls that will make you want to get in on the new trend

Earlier this year Food24 reported on predicted food trends for the year 2017. The Hawaiian staple - poke - made it to the list and it was predicted that this trendy dish will be as in demand as sushi was many years ago.

True to form, the poke scene is blowing up and bowls are currently gracing Instagram feeds far and wide as people are starting to love it. 

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Poke has been a rather simple Hawaiian staple for centuries - aloha! - and the Hawaiian word poke actually means to "cut crosswise in pieces". The traditional Hawaiian variation calls for poke to be eaten either on its own or with a sushi rice base.

The modernised poke dish that we have today, however, is much more dressed up. It usually consists of raw, cubed fish seasoned accordingly and served on a bed of rice or noodles with your choice of toppings. The likes of nacho chips, avocado, quinoa and much more can also be incorporated. 

While poke bowls hit major US cities quite some time ago, South Africa's first ever poke bar only opened this year February!

Allow these aesthetically pleasing poke bowls to take you on a trip to an exotic Hawaiian island! 

1. Sesame seeds are the order of the day!

2. Layer upon layer of healthy good food...

On Wednesdays we wear salmon

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3. Anyone up for an Hawaiian poke burrito? 

4. This bowl is almost prettier than the flower featuring in it!

A picture perfect close-up of a raw, simple poke bowl.

You're all I ever wanted, you're all I ever needed

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6. This bowl is reminiscent of a Summer day on a tropical island...

7. We can almost taste the crunch!  

Yes????#ricelover #pokebowl

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8. The ideal combination. 

One fish, two fish, red fish, poke fish

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9. It doesn't get more healthier and nourishing than this!

Are you keen to get in on the poke bowl trend? Or have you already? We'd love to know! Please comment below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Bradley Hornby 2017/04/21 04:14:30 PM
Check out The POKÈ Co - Cape Town. It's ridiculously good. Available on UberEATS and OrderIn!
Cheryl Koonin Nestadt 2017/04/22 09:38:11 AM
The poke wave was started by Sweetfin Poke in LA a few years ago. Check press on sweetfinpoke.com . It was co founded by a South African.
Mthobeli Siyeka 2017/04/22 07:19:23 PM
Article written by a South African, we will never be a black native nation any more history records demises of evil and good men who stood for an idea, it visiting history means preparation for vengeance then future was never meant for you, we need good dialogue with our fellow counter parts, present to them a united front and engage on any issues of unfairness in all life related matters noting honesty and truth, we have blacks that have to much for a meal as we have white people with nothing at all but elderly people do not want us the youth to know South Africa with all her diversity. I stand to be a South African regardless of the scars.