6 Clever storage ideas to make your kitchen shine this year

Do you have a kitchen that just screams 'clutter' ? With every appliance and kitchen tool littered on the counter tops with no real home? Then this is for you!

Take a few moments to go through these ideas and soon you'll be re-organising your kitchen into something resembling order. What better way to start the year!

1. Decant all your dry ingredients into closed (labelled!) containers.

2. Install a rail above your sink from which you can hang sieves, colanders and the like.

3. Make use of space by creating hooks for your coffee and tea cups.

4. Store flat, large baking trays into little 'slots' so you can see them more easily.

5. Keep your spices in little glass jars - so sophisticated!

Absolutely love these small jars I got from @homegoods for only $5!

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6. Make yourself a little hanging chandelier of ladles and wooden spoons.

What tips do you have for better kitchen storage? SHARE them with us below!

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