Cutting down on drinking alcohol this month? Here's our guide to surviving OcSober

It's almost mid October, or 'OcSober' as some like to call it. I personally know that this will be a difficult task for me and I need some kind of guide to get through the month.

Here are some good alternatives for the times you're tempted to have some alcohol. 

Have some sparkling water or juice
Sparkling water gives off the illusion that you might have infused the drink with a spirit. Add some fresh herbs and slices of lemon to give a refreshing, appealing look. Hydration for the win!

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Energy drinks will help keep you up

For those who often need alcohol to keep you going on a night out, you might want to try get your kick from an energy drink. It's not going to taste the same but will keep you up and have you dancing for the rest of the night.

Virgin cocktails - because nobody will see the difference

Most people love having cocktails and if you silently nudge the waiter and ask for the non-alcoholic alternative, no will really know. The flavours from the non-alcoholic ingredients will still give you the familiar taste.

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Non-alcohlic beer

Though some non-alcoholic beers on the shelves don't taste like actual beer at all, what’s a better way to fool yourself and others. This is mostly for appearance sake. There are those cases where peer pressure might strike, so this might be a safe way out of it.

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Stay at home

If the night life scene is too tempting, it’s better if you simply stay home. For many of us, our minds know we’re not drinking alcoholic drinks and we might toss everything to the side and look for actual alcohol. It’s probably best to spend your OcSober at home.

 What are some other drinks one can use to trick the brain? Let us know below!

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