Top Valentine's Day recipes

Haul out your inner romantic, it's the day of love and we've got some lickable inspiration for you.

We've got a beautiful hub of romantic recipes for you to browse through and find the perfectly kissable meal for you and your loved one.

Food24's amazing bloggers have also been very busy in their kitchens and have come up with scores of stunning and delicious ideas for you to try.

Jan Tripepi is a hopeless romantic and has shared buckets of recipes in her love-filled post V-day is D-day. It is dripping with romance and great ideas to help you on your way.

My Easy Cooking shows you how to melt your man's heart with a gorgeous semifreddo cheesecake with raspberries.

I love cooking invites you to give way to all the hype and just celebrate love and indulge in these beautiful oysters with a creamy garlic butter.

Food and the Fabulous shares a raspberry and honey tiramisu with Grappa to pick you up on this lovey-dovey day.

Kitchen Diary wows us with her sexy black fig and smoked salmon salad and shares lots of fun and interesting aphrodisiac tips.

Rumtumtigger shares the Valentine's crumpets she popped into the lunchboxes today.

As usual, passion and wonderful love has been poured into the work of these food bloggers. Don't stop here, check out the food24 food blogs for some more foodie inspiration.

And if you're planning on going out for some served-upon fun, take a look at our reems of Valentine's Day specials.

Let's get loved up people and celebrate today with some gastronomic gusto.