Chef Selassie Atadika on why we should be cooking with native African ingredients

Culinary nomad and experiential chef Selassie Atadika was in South Africa earlier this year. The self-taught chef co-founded Trio Toque, the first nomadic restaurant in Dakar, Senegal. In 2014, she returned to Ghana and launched her food enterprise, Midunu. This platform aims to bring food, culture and community together through its nomadic and private dining experiences – with Selassie’s ‘New African Cuisine’ at the centre of it. By hosting nomadic dining experiences in unique settings across the city of Accra, Selassie brought strangers together to share food and preserve the bonds of communal eating. Rushed and distracted dining is out – the focus is on indulging your senses and appreciating good company in the process. 

We caught up with the chef when she was in Cape Town to chat about indigenous ingredients – why we should be eating them, the importance of a plant-based diet, the current threat to food security and her favourite way to cook millet (you’re going to want to try it!) 

WATCH the interview below!