Coffee giant Starbucks under fire over festive themed holiday cups

(image: Starbucks/Instagram)

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Starbucks released their much-awaited annual holiday cups on Friday 2 November, and gave out free reusable cups to customers who ordered a “holiday flavoured beverage”. Most stores ran out of them at the start of the day and customers were not impressed. 

They took to Twitter to express their disappointment:

says that Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson responded to customers, informing them that they can purchase the reusable cup for $2 (R28,48) which can then be used to receive a 50 cent discount on beverages purchased after 2 pm over the holiday season. COO, Roz Brewer says that the aim of the cups is to encourage people to make use of resuable cups, which will positively impact our environment. The fact that they ran out of the free cups so early in the day? Reasons haven't been made clear but we hope their marketing team take this as a lesson.

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One Twitter user called their lack of cups a "cheesy promotion".

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