3 Moreish pickled fish recipes to try for Easter this year

Pickled fish's zesty, spicy burst of flavour comes from a good dose of vinegar and an array of curry spices, traditionally spices that are synonymous with Malay cuisine.

We often feel obligated to follow old family traditions when it comes to prepping pickled fish and some of us might be following recipes that have become slightly dull. Allow Food24 to inspire you to try something a little bit different with pickled fish. These 3 recipes feature the traditional pickled fish done 3 ways.

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Pickled fish and cauliflower pâté
 - How about enjoying the traditional pickled fish in a less conventional way, by prepping a smooth pickled fish pâté that's filled with lemon zest and a hint of sour cream. Serve with good quality warm bread.

Cape Malay pickled fish "tacos"
 - This is the perfect modern recipe for the pickled fish served with mini rotis instead of actual tacos.

Traditional South African pickled fish - With the correct amount of spices, this Traditional pickled fish recipe shouldn't be anything less than perfection!

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