3 koe(k)sister recipes to get festive with this Heritage Day

Koeksisters (the braided syrup-drenched ones) and koesisters (the doughnut-like ones surrounded in coconut) are quintessential South African sweet treats. With 24 September fast approaching, we rounded up three favourite recipes that you can whip up this Heritage Day (though you won’t want to limit yourself to just one day after you taste them!). 

Traditional homemade koeksisters are of course a must.


All things sweet benefit from a little cinnamon and that’s no different with these cinnamon koeksisters that add just the right amount of spice.


These koesisters may just blow your mind – they’re filled with a creamy custard that perfectly complements the cakey interior.


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It’s never too early to begin celebrating Heritage Day in the kitchen, especially when koeksisters and koesisters are involved. 

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