3 recipes to inspire a true bread roll obsession

Ah, bread: a staple food made from a clever combination of seemingly mundane ingredients. One form of bread we love in particular? Rolls. Fast-shifting trends have changed how we see bread rolls today, with a major focus on bespoke, beautifully hand-crafted rolls. The pursuit to find the perfect bread roll is hugely prominent and trendy, but what makes it perfect? 

Maybe you prefer them traditional – baked to perfection with a crispy crust and tender crumb. This chicken liver-filled focaccine braaibroodjie takes the traditional focaccia to a whole new level.

Bread rolls three ways

Perhaps you’re more accustomed to butter-enriched and uniquely flavoured bread rolls – flavour-packed, with a soft silky crust. These zaatar rolls are the savoury enthusiast’s answer to cinnamon rolls.

Bread rolls three ways

Alternatively, you might be more inclined to opt for bread rolls decadently submerged in custard and baked off as a bread roll pudding. This stylish bread pudding hits all the spots.

Bread rolls three ways

Bespoke or not, bread rolls are a way of life and a must in any kitchen.

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