5 Family-style chicken bakes that will wipe out your weeknight dinner woes

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Chicken is a go-to source of protein in many SA households and just to show you some proof - Business Insider SA just recently revealed that South Africans consume about 28 million chickens a week. We'll let that sink in.. 

If you are one of the many chicken-guzzlers out there and you're looking for new ways to cook it, you're in the right place! We've gathered 5 of the tastiest chicken bake recipes on Food24. Cook these and garner extra brownies points from the fam!

1. Oven-roasted chicken satays

chicken satay bake recipe

2. Spicy veggie and chicken casserole

spicy chicken and veggie bake recipe

3. Baked broccoli and chicken

broccoli chicken bake recipe

4. Tangy chicken bake

tangy chicken bake recipe

5. Saffron, hazelnut and honey roasted chicken

saffron and hazelnut chicken bake recipe

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What's your favourite way to cook chicken? Let us know in the comments section below or email us!

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