Make magic with ricotta cheese: 7 Recipes you need to Pin

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Ricotta (meaning “re-cooked”) is an Italian cheese made from the milk of sheep, cow, goat or even water buffalo. It’s known as a whey cheese in the sense that it is made by heating the whey leftover from making other cheeses.

You can even make your own ricotta at home with only a few simple ingredients! Here’s how.

If you’re looking for new ways of incorporating this mild but wonderfully delicate and soft cheese into your meals, check out these recipes below. What’s also fantastic is that it’s widely used in both savoury and sweet dishes – making it the perfect cheese to always have on hand in your fridge!

1. Crumbed biltong and ricotta fritters

2. Butternut ricotta ravioli

3. Rooibos tea and ricotta mousse

4. Omelette with ricotta, spinach and caramelised leeks

5. Spinach and ricotta gnocchi

6. Lamb sausage, egg, ricotta and tomato bake

7. Mini blueberry and ricotta cakes

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