7 ways with mince – recipes for when you just don’t have inspiration

Mince or ground beef/chicken/pork is probably one of the most ubiquitous protein items you’ll find at most meat-eating households. Its application is extremely versatile (as you’ll see below), and it doesn’t take too long to cook, making it a real weeknight wonder food. If you’re tight on budget, look out for pork mince, which is rather inexpensive! 

Here are 7 different dishes to try if you have some defrosted mince ready to cook. 

VIDEO: How to make epic meatball subs – a hunger buster that’s often best eaten with a hangover (just saying). 

Chilli con carne with nachos – the easiest thing to get to the table when things are frantic. 

chilli con carne nachos recipe

Bite-sized vetkoek with curried ostrich mince – Great for big game days, like World Cup finals and the like. 

recipe for vetkoek with ostrich mince filling

Lamb kofta on rosemary skewers – A little bit of work is required here, but it’s worth the effort. 

greek lamb kofta with flatbread

Spicy Asian pork with glass noodles and mint – A weeknight meal that’s lekker as a leftover lunch. 

pork and asian noodles
pork and asian noodles

Chicken meatball pasta – Homey and simple. Make it when you need a carb hug. 

<="">chicken meatball pasta recipe

Sloppy Joe's – Mince in a burger roll? Every child’s favourite meal. 

sloppy joe recipes

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