9 Delectable taco recipes to make you feel like you're in Mexico

The Mexican taco doesn't require much effort to prepare if you buy the tacos ready made. You can also prep some of your filling in advance to make the dinner process a lot swifter.

According to National Taco Day, the 'taco' came into existence in Mexico in the 18th century. Now, the dish is widely available and has become somewhat of a trend in the last couple years, with the exploration of gourmet street food. 

Tacos can be enjoyed as a snack, light meal or a main course, either as a soft taco or a hard shell.

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Try out these recipes:

1. Beef short rib chilli con carne tacos

2.Curry and beer battered fish tacos

3.Cajun spiced pulled pork tacos

4. Cape Malay pickled fish "tacos"


5. Green chili con carne tacos


6.LCHF Cheese tacos

7.Low carb fish tacos

8. Tacos with chicken and crunchy slaw

9. Roasted aubergine tortillas

What filling do you enjoy with your taco's most?

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