6 Killer kebab recipes to have in your back pocket this party season

Party season is almost here! And now you need to start thinking about quick and easy recipe ideas to make at your next braai. Even though we love cooking up a storm here at Food24, it's always annoying when socialising and catching up with old friends has to take a back seat because you need to slave away in the kitchen.

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We've got a solution!

What’s easier than a kebab? Light the fire and throw on some of your favourite things. It’s so simple! You can pretty much mix ‘n match anything you feel like.

Try out some of these great flavour combinations.

Lemon and herb chicken kebabs with sundried tomatoes

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2. Monkey gland rump kebabs

3. Greek chicken kebabs

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4. Pork belly kebabs

5. Garlic and coriander chicken kebabs

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6. WATCH: Lamb kebabs with Cape Malay apricot salsa

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