Craving hearty comfort food? Here are 8 delicious stew recipes to warm you from the inside out this winter

From tomato beef stew with herbed dumplings to chicken stew, we’ve put together 8 warm, hearty recipes that are perfect for winter.

1. Tomato beef stew with herbed dumplings

This mouth-watering dish will soon become a supper staple.

Tip: Arrange the dough balls on top of the cooked potjiekos, cover with the lid, and simmer until the dumplings are done.

Tomato beef stew with herbed dumplings

2. Oxtail stew

If the winter weather is starting to get you down and your family needs a bit of pampering, this delicious YOU recipe is just the thing.

Oxtail stew

3. Pork stewed in red wine with dumplings

Red wine adds that extra oomph to this stew.

Pork stewed in red wine with dumplings

4. Boerie stew with cauli dumplings

A local twist on a classic stew!

Tip: If the mixture is too sticky to work with, dust your hands with flour.

Boerie stew with cauli dumplings

5. Hearty meat stew with gremolata and cheesy polenta

The perfect way to serve it, is to save the gremolata and polenta for last.

Hearty meat stew with gremolata and cheddar polent

6. Seafood stew

This one is for all our seafood lovers.

Seafood stew

7. Chakalaka bean stew

If you like spicy food, this one will be your favourite.

Chakalaka bean stew

8. Chicken stew

To serve: Sprinkle the coriander over and serve as is, or with rice or salad.

Chicken stew

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