MasterChef SA: Episode 14

It was back to the serious business of boerewors in the MasterChef kitchen for episode 14.

The top 7 had to get cracking with an invention test: Make your own boerewors and create a restaurant quality dish.

Sounds easy enough, an SA favourite, but hang on… have you ever  made your own from scratch?

It needs to be moist, coarsely textured and have lots of spiced flavours – not as easy as banging it on the braai and cooking it lekker.

They all had sausage machines and soldiered on. I was surprised how few people used pork in their meat mixtures, pork has a high fat and flavour profile.

Lungile made a cracking ostrich soss and won over the judges, yet again. Shoh, that girl can cook!

Deena made a lovely dish with a polenta side and Sarel and Manisha came out tops with their fantastic dishes.

The bottom 3 (Ilse, Sue-Anne and Khaya) went to the pressure test with dry old sossies that didn’t make the grade.

12 hours of cooking

A grueling challenge that saw contestants cooking for a solid 12 hours through the night.

The dish: A rolled lamb neck with a lamb shank terrine and some beautiful crisp veg and a long, thin potato crisp – serious skill, perseverance and raw courage was the order of the night.

Khaya was a trooper as her pregnancy hormones were willing her to sleep, poor Sue-Anne panicked and lost confidence initially and Ilse looked like a deer in headlights as she hacked away at her lamb’s neck.

As difficult as it was, they all did a sterling job, no flopped chocolate gateau here!

Ilse just missed the mark by overcooking her lamb’s neck and her potato crisp just didn’t make the grade.

Sue-Ann won the challenge by a MasterChef mile and made a stunning dish with Khaya just making it into 2nd place.

Hot Ilse goes home!