Snoop Dogg, SA's original Gatsby and ruby chocolate:19 most-read stories on Food24 in 2018


Food news

In 2018 avocado lovers were shook when it came to fruition that avocados are no longer vegan due to their production -  which includes migratory beekeeping.

Ruby chocolate made its South African debut, being the 4th variety of chocolate now available after milk, dark and white chocolate.

The impossible burger was finally launched after 5 years of research perfecting the smell, texture and colour to provide the world with a meat alternative that is not only familiar and delicious in flavour but will save the planet too.

The Royals in food

Like many of us, Prince William, made it known that he is a fan of flamed grilled chicken King, Nando’s and TBH who isn’t? The ever-lovely Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle worked with The Hubb Community Kitchen on a cookbook in support of the victims of The Grenfell Tower fire. 

The Royal wedding cake, which consisted of over 500 organic eggs, was a beautiful Amalfi lemon elderflower cake which stunned us with its elegance and simplicity.

Twitter bombs

Snoop Dogg's recipe book was released just in time to assist with the munchies after the lifted legislation on Marijuana usage in South Africa.

Twitter users trolled Jamie Oliver for banning 2-for-1 pizza specials in the UK to help fight the constant growing obesity statistics.

Let's not forget the 6 worst characters at a braai that were exposed on our weekly #braaifriday column.

Condiments take centre stage

Mayonnaise almost killed ice cream with this unwanted marriage, and we hope to see the end of mayo ice cream in 2019!

HP sauce shortages caused distress and incomplete breakfasts in 2018 but fear not, the much loved brown sauce is back in stores.

Heinz invented "Mayochup" the combination of mayonnaise and ketchup that no one asked for.

South Africa food scene

The fatal year without polony - sandwiches haven't been the same since the Listeria outbreak in early 2018 but we're positive polony's comeback will be better and safer to eat in 2019.

We ventured through the Western Cape for the best Gatsby in town and learned the origins of the popular fast food.

Best gatsby in town


Restaurants such as Lupa Osteria took the lead in #banthestraw by introducing pasta straws and we love it.

The release of the Abalobi fish app changed the way fisherman and restaurants alike source their fish by supporting local businesses and educating patrons about where their fish comes from.

We gave you the low-down on why BYO coffee cups are saving our environment, tips for choosing just the right one and lekker discounts for those BYO coffee cups.


2018 saw Yum Yum reign as best peanut butter in the country and the heated Marmite and Bovril debate had South Africans undecided on which is better. Nutella proved to be the only chocolate spread you'll want to eat but its involvement with palm oil has caused a love-hate relationship for some fans.

We can't wait to see what's in store for 2019!