Dolly Parton loves to snack on Vienna sausages and we can't get over it

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Love her or hate her, the legendary country music star is instantly recognisable. With her bleached hairdo, dazzling outfits and belting voice, the singer of hits such as Jolene and Islands in the Stream is far from retirement. 

Dolly Parton is still on the road, touring with her music and

promoting the work of her foundation,charitable the Imagination Library – a literacy project that has donated over 100 million books to school children across America. 

In an

interview with the New York Times this week – marking the expansion of her theme park and holiday resort, Dollywood – Parton shared some of her tips for what to snack on while on the road.

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When asked about her favourite snacks, she admits freely: “Potted Meat. Or weird things like Vienna sausage. That and a bottle of Tabasco...”. In the United States, Vienna sausages are almost exclusively sold in cans and are often a camping pantry staple, along with other canned favourites like baked beans and instant mac and cheese.

In an

earlier article, the dazzling diva in cowboy boots admitted to loving potatoes, which is about the most relatable thing ever. “Just give me my potato, any kind of potato, and I'm happy," she says. Same, Dolly, same.

A real down-to-earth gal, Dolly has also gone on record to say, "I don't like pretty food. The way I see it, if the food's too pretty, it ain't too good." Viennas, baked potatoes and hot sauce? Dolly Parton might just be the glamorous mascot of our winter cravings.

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