Gordon Ramsay faces backlash for cultural appropriation with new "Asian" restaurant

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The celebrity chef has announced the closure of his 14-year-old restaurant Maze Grill Mayfair, a steakhouse also known for its sushi and the same restaurant that lost its Michelin star back in 2015. It will be replaced with an “authentic” Asian concept called Lucky Cat set to open this Summer in Britain. 

According to Eater, Gordon "can't wait to open the doors to Lucky cat and bring a new flavour of Asian food and culture to Mayfair."

With Englishman and self-proclaimed "tofu-freak", Ben Orpwood taking charge of the new restaurant, many people took to Twitter to express their dismay about Ramsay planing to open an “authentic” Asian restaurant without an Asian chef at the forefront of the operation. 

Do you think Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant is a form of cultural appropriation? Let us know in the comments!

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