Should chefs be sharing images of headless animals on social media?

SA's Michelin star chef, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen is rather active on social media - especially Instagram, where his 39.3k followers are able to get a glimpse into his life... from the utterly gorgeous French produce he cooks with to stylish interiors of his award-winning restaurant and close family members.

So when Jan posted an image of a headless chicken, Instagram condemned it by blurring it out and deeming it 'sensitive content'. As one might imagine, the comment thread got quite heated! (You can view the Instagram post on the platform itself should you wish).

                                                 Screenshot: Instagram

Any self-respecting chef has a deep and honest respect for their ingredients' provenance so, from a culinary perspective this shouldn't shock people. But it clearly has.

Yes, of course dead animals evoke emotions for vegans, animal-rights activists and anyone with a heartbeat. But should people simply ignore the fact that animals are killed in order for them to arrive on a plate? 

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Images via Unsplash