South Africans are searching for vetkoek online now more than ever – here are 7 recipes to try at home

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According to Google, South Africans are searching for recipes online now more than ever. With the whole country on lockdown, it doesn’t come as much surprise, but it did get us very inspired! 

vetkoek recipe

It seems that vetkoek (also known as amagwinya in isiZulu) is making a comeback. This basic fried dumpling is excellent with spicy mince, snoek pâté or even as a snack served with cheddar cheese, slices of polony and spicy atchar. With so much versatility, it’s no wonder that South Africans are cooking amagwinya at home now more than ever. 

vetkoek recipe

We spoke with celebrity chef Zola Nene via Instagram this week to ask about amagwinya. Zola has been inundated with requests for her recipe, since she first spoke about the fried dumplings on national radio last week. “I can totally believe that it’s been trending, I’ve had SO many people DM me for a recipe and also lots of people sharing their vetkoek-making escapades,” Zola said. 

“Growing up, we always called them ‘amagwinya’ or just ‘igwinya’ if you are talking about just one. But no one ever has only one, they are too delicious!” says Zola, giggling. 

Zola shared her delicious amagwinya and mince recipe with us – get it here. 

With online searches for vetkoek recipes at an all-time high, we put together all our best vetkoek recipes on Food24 so you can try a batch of amagwinya for yourself. 

1. Mini vetkoek with butternut and biltong pâté

2. Traditional amagwinya

vetkoek recipe

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