This is the most searched recipe on Google and it might shock you

Google South Africa recently released the top searches in the country during the year 2018. As you might imagine it included a number of relevant topics like the listeriosis outbreak, the royal wedding, the death of Avicii and more. 

At Food24 we were interested in the food searches more than anything else and you might like to know what they were - in order from one to ten.

Most of them seem pretty standard but number one seriously threw us. Did that many people really want a recipe for oxtail?! It must be a South African thing and we're happy to report that we have a bunch of delicious oxtail recipes on Food24, so without further ado... here they are! 

Fall-off-the-bone oxtail

oxtail stew recipe

Oxtail potjie 

Braised red wine oxtail

braised oxtail recipe

Oxtail in red wine and thyme sauce 

Oxtail stew with butternut mash

oxtail with butternut mash recipe

Do you love oxtail as much as the rest of SA? SHARE your favourite way to cook oxtail with us in the comments section or by tweeting us @Food24

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