Uber Eats reveals its most popular orders of 2019

2019 was a big year for Uber Eats. The brand celebrated 2.1 million downloads across SA (according to App Annie) and completed its billionth delivery globally. As the decade comes to a close, Uber Eats has taken a look back at the trendiest foods of 2019.

In South Africa, while there was a clear trend towards healthy eating, South Africans have continued to show love towards fast food options, with fried chicken and burgers remaining firm favourites. Based on the Uber Eats Local Cravings Report from earlier this year, it was identified that South Africans also love supporting locals and home-known flavours.

"Over the last year, we've seen how important it is to celebrate local flavours,” says Dave Kitley, General Manager, Uber Eats South Africa. “The country is rich with various unique cuisines that you aren’t able to find anywhere else, and providing local restaurants with a platform to grow this was imperative.”

“Some of the largest international food chains had to adapt menu items, with as many as 1000 order requests asking for traditional starch to be swapped out for local pap. We also saw chakalaka and achaar commonly used to replace chilli relish or BBQ sauce. We even saw some requests that a tomato base be replaced with a chakalaka base on pizzas.” 

The most popular items ordered include:

1.    Pizza

2.    Cashew

3.    Raw

4.    Shwarma

5.    Garlic

6.    Protein

7.    Halloumi

8.    Vegetarian

9.    Tempura

10.  Vegan

11.  Falafel

12.  Tacos

13.  Ginger

14.  Honey

15.  Pokeé

16.  Sushi

17.  Uber

18.  Tofu

19.  Edamame

20.  Coconut

“While the usual take-out is popular, we have seen a huge jump towards a premium dining experience, and eaters looking to enjoy foods that contain added health benefits – like flaxseeds.

With over 400 000 menu items, over 3 000 restaurants and over 80 cuisine types to choose from, Uber Eats sets the bar, and we're pleased to see how our platform is helping transform food delivery from that guilty weekend treat to your go-to healthy, everyday meal.”

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