Seaweed salmon salad with mushrooms

Preparation time : 10 min Cooking time : 10 min Servings : 1
  • 20 g wakame seaweed (available at most Asian supermarkets)
  • 200 g fresh salmon
  • dash sunflower oil
  • 10 leaves of baby spinach
  • 50 g shimeji mushrooms, left whole
  • 1 spring onion, finely chopped
  • Sauce:
  • Dot of wasabi paste
  • 30 ml rice vinegar
  • 15 ml rice vinegar
  • 5 ml sunflower oil

1. Soak the seaweed in warm water for 5 minutes then drain and squeeze out any excess water. If the wakame is uncut, chop it into bite-sized pieces.
2. For the sauce, mix all of the ingredients together and set aside. 
3. Sear the salmon in a frying pan in a dash of sunflower oil 30 seconds on each side. Remove from the pan and slice thinly.
4. To plate, arrange spinach leaves, mushrooms, seaweed pieces and salmon in a bowl. Top with the spring onion and serve with the sauce on the side. 

Recipe supplied by Kyoto Garden Sushi, winner of The 2018 Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Best Everyday Eateries : Best Seafood Eatery (WC)