Something fresh and funky straight from KwaMashu - INK FOODS

Take a well-travelled Chef who has worked for the best restaurants in the world, including the world renowned Ritz Carlton in Florida Lindo Linda, 29, pair him up with his best friend from high school Sizwe Zulu, 29, who too has managed a number of franchises in Durban, and what do you get, INK FOODS.

Recently launched in KwaMashu, INK which is an acronym for the biggest townships in Durban (Inanda, Ntuzuma and Kwamashu) has definitely set the highest standard on what a classic, cool and funky restaurant should be.

So what makes this a MUST TRY, is it the food or maybe the service? Let’s just say it’s the experience, nothing beats yummy tasty food, great service from the handsome owners and most importantly the ambiance.

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This has to be the coolest place to be if you want to experience what young people in the townships are up to.

What’s on the Menu?

You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words, that is very true judging by this. You can take my word for it and if that is not convincing enough, do try iBurger yolova R 60, if like me, you love your burgers lean, mean looking and juicy or you can have pizza. 

You can also try the King Kong R 80 if you want something heavy and yummy.

Do not live without trying their signature mixed berries smoothie.

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