Fun fusion cuisine in Lonehill: A review of Let's Wok

I head in the general direction of the north on the trail of an Asian fusion restaurant that’s doing things with a certain pizzazz.

Owner Cuan Wood invited #Trending to experience what could be the first in a chain of restaurants with an edge. Let’s Wok is located off Lonehill Boulevard, and I was worried it would turn out to be as boujee as its surrounds; the well-off white people strolling about or catching a jog. Fortunately the Lonehill Shopping Centre is down to earth and so is Let’s Wok.

Wood wanted to open a place that provides wholesome food at good prices, and also has a touch of hip. After all, a restaurant has to do more than just serve food nowadays. He serves Chinese, Japanese and Thai food, and you can buy the sauces they make in-house along with a few other Asian ingredients. They also deliver.

The menu is one of those “construct your own”, which seems to be a hot trend. Wood starts us off with a Vietnamese coffee, which might be the most memorable cup I’ve ever had. It comes with a very fancy filter placed on the cup, you pour the water through it and the coffee gathers in the glass mug beneath. You remove the filter and give the coffee a stir, which mixes in the condensed milk at the bottom. It packs a flavourful punch.

Next is a tray of appetisers and a pork steam bun which is quite the revelation. For lack of a better reference, it’s like a dumpling meets a stuffed dombolo, and is the star of this platter.

On to a main of salt and caramel pork with jasmine rice (Vietnam) and teriyaki beef with udon noodle and broccoli (Japan), served in woks on a wooden warmer.The servings are very big and filling. I couldn’t even finish mine and it left me with the itis.

A transparent screen around the cooking area allows you to watch your food being prepared. The space could be a tad bigger but this is a start-up. Sadly it’s also alcohol-free. Another concern was not spotting any Asian staff despite Wood’s knowledge of a solidly researched menu.

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