Give us more! 9 great spots to eat out in Parkmore

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It seems that any suburb with the word ‘Park’ in its name has a future as a gourmet zone – first we had Parkhurst, then Parktown North, and now, Parkmore is bringing all the foodies to the yard. Here are the spots you have to try.

Korean food is definitely having a moment, and Banchan is one of the best places in Johannesburg to experience it. Small and intimate, it provides a very social eating experience: most guests comment on the fun of cooking your own meal, as part of the Korean barbecue. The restaurant is named after the little tasting dishes that are traditionally served alongside bowls of rice, so be prepared to taste– and share – a lot.

Thief Restaurant and Wine Bar
Looking for a place for a quick bite? Thief is not that spot. Instead, this is where you go to linger over a meal that has been lovingly prepared, and is paired with excellent wines. The menu might be small, but what it lacks in options it makes up for in flavour. Favourites include roast chicken, sizzling in a butter lemon caper sauce, and yoghurt panna cotta topped with tart berry compote.

Coffee Exchange
The ideal spot to set up a coffice, the brew at Coffee Exchange is hard to beat. The menu is just right for morning munching – try the Mexican omelette, stuffed with spicy mince and a side of guacamole and sour cream. It’s also open for dinner – time for a burger?

Did anyone say sundowners? This buzzing upstairs bar is a great place to watch Johannesburg winding down, and the vibe is irresistible. Regulars swear that the famous beef fat fries are an obligatory accompaniment to your cocktail, and the braai platter is popular, too.

The Eatalian
A warm wooden interior and authentic Italian hospitality make The Eatalian a particularly cosy spot, especially if it’s breakfast you’re after. We like the savoury tower of spring onions piled high with spicy mince and cheddar, while the pulled lamb pizza has developed its own following. With all ingredients imported from Italy, it’s easy to see why everything tastes so very, well, Italian.

The Generator
Calling The Generator a sandwich bar is like calling the Mona Lisa a painting – both phrases give no hint of the artistry involved. Since The Generator is entirely ‘build your own’, the options are almost limitless – for starters, you have 12 different bases, from baguettes to baby spinach, to choose from. The extensive range of sauces, cheeses, fillings and sides is reliably fresh, and it all adds up to the perfect lunch.

Black Forest Bakery
There’s something about freshly baked goods, isn’t there? Black Forest Bakery is set to destroy all your best Banting intentions, with traditional German breads and pastries just out the oven – the perfect spot for a morning coffee and sweet treat.

Milk Bar
The Milk Bar seems to have a little something for everyone: there’s the sports bar side for all those rugby and cricket enthusiasts, there’s the incredible décor for those who those who like their meals with a large dollop of gorgeousness on the side, and there are the nearby sports fields where kids can run off their endless energy.

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Where do you go when you can’t face the thought of cooking? Your neighbourhood local, of course. For Parkmore residents, that means this conveniently located bistro, where variety is the order of the day. We particularly like the fired jalapeno starter – enough to beat any cheese craving – and the pizzas are good, too.

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