New Joburg gelato bar opens opposite primary school - pure genius

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If you’re going to open an ice cream shop, positioning it opposite a primary school, where bribes and rewards are exchanged between parents and their little cubs, is the best place.

FAB Cafè & Gelato has just opened in vibey Linden, directly opposite Laerskool Louw Geldenhuys – and on Tuesday afternoon the place was buzzing full of indecisive little people who couldn’t decide whether cotton candy, New York cheesecake, blood orange sorbet or dark chocolate was the flavour of the day.

After standing in front of the fridge frantically trying to decide which gelato flavour would work best for my classic Belgian waffle, I decided to give dark chocolate a chance. The cafè is a cheery environment, with owner Kevin Weisz moving between it and his other restaurant, The Fat Zebra, just two doors away. So the feeling of happiness and a treat will instantly fill you – especially if you’re double scooping New York cheesecake and blood orange sorbet in a little tub.

Gosh it will be the best drive of your life! Back to the waffle: while it’s not always my first choice for dessert on the menu, when the craving does hit, I like to know where to go. The gelato flavours are amazing and you can have the R28 scoop in a little tub or sugar cone, but don’t disappoint yourself by having it with a waffle. It’s chewy and there’s no sparkle added to the batter that they use.

It felt like a chore cutting through it with a knife and my sugar-coated teeth. If you're having late night cravings, FAB Cafe & Gelato has extended its operating hours to 10pm, which is one hour later than the popular Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream in Parkhurst, which closes at 9pm.

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