Visit B-Spot: Joburg's cheeky new burger joint on Eloff Street

I head to Joziburg Lane on Eloff Street in the CBD. The mission is to sample a crafted hamburger at new burger joint The B-Spot. I link up with graffiti artist Empty, who owns a studio in the building and is responsible for Joziburg’s and The B-Spot’s wall art. We meet Mias, who jokingly tells us his position at The B-Spot is “making awesome sh*t”.

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Their slogan is “Always easy to find”, you get it ne? They serve a fair selection of craft brews, which Mias tells us they collaborate with distilleries like Dead Rabbit – who make Hell Fire and La Santa.

“Our burgers are all grass-fed organic beef. We have a vegan patty and all our stuff is at a really good price.” Mias recommends their classic burger and brings out a selection of beverages. The Soweto Gold Cherry Ale is his favourite, so we have a round.

The menu is a simple one consisting of burgers and baskets. They run specials such as Valentine’s Day sliders and halloumi popcorn chicken wings. “We have a $5 shake. The price is hinged to the strength of the rand on the day.” They also do floats, which is a definite positive.

Seated upstairs, you have a view of the Joziburg Lane atrium and the art on display, while wood finishes give this eatery a cosy ambience. The establishment is split into areas encompassing a bar, a pool and beer pong area as well as the eating area – all upstairs. Below is a coffee shop that’s said to have the best coffee in the building.

Sipping my delicious cherry ale, our burgers arrive.

Mias wasn’t lying about the large portions. I like to deal with the chips first and then attack the burger, and this time I was almost full by the time I finished my chips, which were flavourful and thick. The star of the plate was the patty and all that grass-fed stuff is gospel. It was tender and well paired with their secret sauce used on the bun, which could have been slightly fancier than sesame seed.

Is it worth the drive to the city? Yes. The B-Spot does events, plus the Joziburg precinct is fast becoming known for having a vibe. The B-Spot won’t blow your socks off, but all those elements together could. 

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