Food24's favourite Asian restaurants across SA

Cape Town

Hallelujah, City Bowl
A very pretty hole-in-the-wall Asian-fusion, street-style eatery that serves incredible small dishes that will have you craving for more. It's one-of-a-kind in the Cape Town Restaurant scene and cannot be missed on your bucket list of restaurants. The decor has a contemporary Chinese beach bar feel - if that is a thing. They also have a variety of local MCC's that you won't find everywhere.

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Saigon, City Bowl
Although this restaurant may be around two decades old, it still reigns supreme. Serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine, they seem to have a knack for brilliant and bold flavour in all their dishes. They also serve a great Pho Bo and the best golden spring rolls in town!

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(Image by The Mint Lobby)

Lucky Bao, Hout Bay
If you like a Chinese bao then this is the place to visit. The small restaurant is an ode to Asian street food, focusing on the Chinese steamed bun. Do try the soft shell crab bao - you wont be sorry. Read our review here.

Kyoto, City Bowl
This is as Japanese as it gets. Kyoto offers the most zen spot in the city to eat real authentic and superb quality sushi and sashimi. There are also a variety of hot signature dishes, and a miso soup that will have you questioning all of the ones you've tried before.

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(Image by Ceili McGeever)

Izakaya Matsu
ri, Green Point
They specialise in traditional and fusion sushi as well as classic Japanese and Chinese warm dishes like noodles, dim sum and tempura. They pride themselves on really good quality and are always consistent. The dim sum is one of the best in town.

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(Image by The Mint Lobby)


The Good Luck Club, Illovo
The cooler side of Asian restaurants holds The Good Luck Club at the top. Specialising in dim sum, Thai curry and noodle dishes, this little spot is super popular due to the good quality ingredients and their laid-back, stylish setting.

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(Image by The Good Luck Club)

Yomato, Illovo
This place is a little slice of Japan with all the traditional dishes you'd expect. Sushi and sashimi are the main focus here with an extensive menu, but other dishes like noodles, age dashi, soups and salads are also offered with serious variety. The restaurant is simple and slightly tucked away. Its been operating for over 20 years and has established itself as a Joburg favourite.

PRON, Linden
This eatery is a food bloggers dream with turquoise walls, red finishes, sleek natural wood tables and Chinese tidbits hung up and sitting on shelves. Everything looks as pretty as a picture and compliments the traditional Northern Chinese food. The name stands for People's Republic of Noodles so you're sure to find good noodles here, but don't miss the tofu and cucumber salad and Chinese bread.

Great Eastern Food Bar, Melville
This place is effortlessly cool with its Japanese-inspired clean decor. The food is an eclectic mix of different Asian cuisines including ramen, steamed buns and dim sum. Dishes are well-executed, always looking tasty and fresh.

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(Image by Great Eastern Food Bar)

Shun De Chinese, Cyrildene
As most Joburgers will know, Cyrildene is the epicentre of Chinese food and is essentially Joburg's China Town complete with its own Paifang - a traditional Chinese arch or gateway. There are many good Chinese spots along the main strip, but Shun De Chinese is regarded as one of the best for excellent dim sum.


The Wok Box, Durban North
A trendy spot with a fast paced Bangkok nightlife atmosphere. Their formula is simple, serving classic Chinese and Thai dishes, which allows them to be consistent and has acquired them a loyal customer base. 

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(Image by The Wok Box)

The Greedy Buddha, Umhlanga
Opening just last year, The Greedy Buddha offers a modern Western twist on Asian cuisine. You'll find your traditional Oriental flavours and cooking methods served in a contemporary way. They've managed to create their own style which sets them apart from other Asian restaurants in Durban.

China Plat
e, Riverside
The owner George trained in Shanghai and after that worked in Kenya perfecting his style of Szechuan cooking. The restaurant is cosy and inviting with a traditional setting of simple decor, finished off with traditional Chinese hanging red tassels.

Daruma, North Beach
A prominent feature of Daruma is the large teppanyaki, which is the flat iron griddle where stir fries and most meat dishes are cooked. You can sit around the teppanyaki, watch your food being cooked and then immediately eat it hot off the grill. The cuisine is Japanese and they provide an array of menu items from sushi to stir-fries, as well as vegetarian options. 


Matsuya, Moreleta Park
Authentic Japanese in Parkview Shopping Mall. They serve both sushi and traditional Izakaya warm dishes like tempura and stir fries with noodles and rice. Matusya also has a teppanyaki so secure a seat to watch the chef in action.

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(Image by Matsuya)

Shilla Korean Cuisin
e, Menlo Park
This is Korean cuisine at its best! Expect beautifully colourful dishes of fresh produce, lots of vegetables and kimchi.There is a great variety of soups and vegetarian dishes, and you will no doubt enjoy an all-round authentic Korean experience at Shilla.

Jasmine Palace
, Constantia
This spot specialises in Hong Kong cuisine in which they differentiate themselves from Cantonese cuisine, which we usually eat in most traditional Chinese restaurants. The food served at Jasmine Palace will have elements of Japanese cuisine and influences from other parts of South East Asia. The decor is your typical Chinese-style with bold reds and large round tables enabling the sharing of food.

Padbok Thai Restaurant, Brooklyn
A more upmarket establishment serving both Thai and Japanese food, their appetizers are really delicious with dumplings, prawn/fish cakes and other authentic Thai starters like deep fried chicken in Pandanus leaves. The menu is huge categorising dishes into curries, seafood, soups, Thai salads, stir fries and rice and noodle dishes. You won't have trouble finding something you fancy!

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(Image by Padbok Thai Restaurant)

Port Elizabeth

Mellas Dim Sum and Noodle Bar Restaurant, Richmond Hill
What's better than a place that dedicates themselves to making incredible Dim Sum? Mellas has gifted PE with real authentic dumplings, and they are driven by their passion for the food they prepare. Check out their Monday night specials.

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Natti's Thai Kitchen, St Georges
Opening back in 1997, Natti's as grown and nurtured a loyal following. Chef Natti cooks up authentic Thai cuisine in a cosy converted house. You feel right at home in this loving restaurant.

Fushin, Richmond Hill
Fushin has earned quite a name for itself in PE, opening up two offshoots after the original on Stanley Street. They serve signature dishes like Norwegian Salmon, Australian Eel, Soft Shell Crab and Peruvian Scallops, in their own unique style which has set them apart. Their dedication to innovative dishes is what makes them so great.

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Yi Pi
n, Summerstrand
Serving a combination of Chinese and Japanese food, you'll find all the Asian classic dishes at Yi Pin: spring rolls, miso soup, stir fries, teppanyaki and sushi. Its a large, elegant space with a relaxed feel.